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FinalExamReview Part 2 (aced the test and got 96%)

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ANTH 1003
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Final Exam Review Topics1Define culture and know the characteristics of culture 2What is a subculture3Name and briefly describe the four traditional subdisciplines of anthropology in the United States4What is participant observation5What is ethnocentrism What is cultural relativism 6What do the terms emic and etic mean7What are the five basic types of subsistence strategies found in human societies8What is religion What is magic9What is art 10How do anthropologists approach art and expressive culture11What is gender Sex12What does it mean to say that gender is culturally constructed 13What is race What does it mean that race is culturally constructed but a social fact Know the examples we discussed that demonstrate how race is culturally constructed Brazil the US Louisiana14How does human genetic variation relate to or not our concepts of race15What was the doll test shown in the film Girl Like Me What did it show Have things changed since the original doll test16What is ethnicity Ethnic groups are usually distinguished from other kinds of social groups based on attributes defining group membership that are cultural in natureashared languagebshared religioncshared customsdshared history17How is ethnicity related to nationstatesNationstates may use ethnicity in order to create national unity
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