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Questions For Exam 2 (got the best grade in class)

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1011
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Exam2Questions1Psychrophiles and thermophiles differ with respect to theirAoxygen requirementsBnutrient requirementsCpH requirementsDbest temperature for growthEheating ability 2Facultative bacteria are those thatAgrow on natural and synthetic mediaBgrow in the presence or absence of oxygenDproduce sporesDprocess cell membrane but no cell wallsEare difficult to grow on synthetic media 3A selective medium is one thatAcontains bloodBallows one type of bacteria to grow while inhibiting another typeCpermits bacterial rods to grow while inhibiting cocciDallows the colony of one type of bacteria to be distinguished from the colony of another4A mesophilic bacterium would be able toAsurvive in an oxygenfree environmentBproduce antibioticsCform sporesDgrow at human body temperaturesEgrow in acidic conditions 5Bacteria that can grow only in the absence of oxygen are said to beAaerobicBmicroaerophilicCfacultativeDanaerobic 6Which of the following pairs is mismatchedApsychrotrophgrowth at 15 CBthermophilegrowth at 32 CCmesophilegrowth at 25 CDpsychrophilegrowth at 4 CEnone of the above 7Which of the following environmental conditions is the most favorable for an acidophileAice waterBsalt waterCvinegar in waterDmaple syrup 8If a strain of bacteria requires 6 hours for 2 cells to multiply to 32 cells what is the generation time of this bacteriaA1 hourB15 hoursC4 hoursD6 hoursEcannot be determine from the given information 9Turbidimetry can be used to measureAcell numberBcell absorbencyCcell sizeDcell mass 10Direct counts using a PetroffHausser counting chamber are usually higher than plate counts becauseAnot all the microbes seen are aliveBmicrobes can multiply in liquid fasterCmicrobes stick together in agarDit is a more accurate methodology 11Autotrophs and heterotrophs differ inAability to utilize COas a sole carbon source2 Bability to incorporate CO into cells2Conly a few enzymesDability to synthesize precursor metabolites 12All media for bacteria must provide a source ofAcarbonBcarbon and nitrogenCcarbon nitrogen and phosphorusDcarbon nitrogen phosphorus and trace elements13The process by which bacteria reproduce is know asAspontaneous generationBbinary fissionCbinary fusionDmeiosisEmitosis 14The time interval required for all cells in a bacterial population to double is known as the
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