BIO 1202 Chapter 35

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201

1Bio 1202CHAPTER 35Plant Structure Growth and DevelopmentThe basic design of land plants has two parts see fig 352Root SystemShoot SystemTHE ROOT SYSTEMThe root is an organ thatanchors the vascular plantabsorbs minerals and waterstores organic nutrientsAs a seed begins to grow the first root to emerge is the primary root see fig 353In monocots this primary root is replaced by a fibrous root system composed of many roots of about equal sizeIn dicots the primary roots turn into the taproot system which has one main root that lateral roots branch off The epidermis of the root is very thin and has no waxy cuticleIn addition the epidermis forms root hairs see fig 353 to increase the surface areaThese characteristics make the root very permeable to waterTHE SHOOT SYSTEMAs the shoot of a plant grows at the apical bud it gives rise to different specialized tissues see fig 352StemsBudsLeavesFlowersAll of shoot structures come from small groups of cells which are left behind by the apical budThese groups of cells form leaf primordia leaf producing group and axillary buds branch producing groupThe cell groups are clustered at sites called nodes and are usually distributed at regular intervals along the stemThese intervals are known as internodes the space between two nodes on the same side of the stem
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