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BIOL 2051 Lab Midterm Study Guide2 (got 94% in the course)

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BIOL 2051
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Fall 2010BIOL 2051 General Microbiology LaboratoryMidterm Study GuideThere will be four parts to the midtermDay 1Section Ayou will have to do a streak plate and perform a Gram stainYou will have a total of 25 minutes to do both of these You must use your time wiselyIt is recommended that you do your streak plate while your smear for the Gram stain is air dryingIt is not recommended that you do one procedure first and then the other second because you may run out of time before getting done with the second procedureDay 2Section Bquestions about a set of materials tubes plates etc on the bench top in front of youSection Cquestions about images you have seen through the microscopeThese images will be shown to you by PowerPoint presentation during the examSection Dshort answer questionsIStainsStainStructurePrimary MordantDecolorizerCounterstainResultOrganisms chemical stainto stainedrememberStreptococcus SimpleHighlight methylene cell shapemutansentire bluecellularStaphylococcus microorganism safraninmorphologyepidermidis Bacillus to showcrystal subtilis E colicellular shape violet Spirosomabasic linguale Bacillus structuresmegateriumStreptomyces coelicolorDeinococcus radioduransGramGramCrystal VioletIodineEthanolSafraninGram stain Staphylococcus GramPeptidoglycanpurpleepidermidisGram stain Spirosoma redlingual Endospores are GeneraEndosporeEndosporeMalachite Heat from WaterSafraninfound in GramClostridiumGreensteam If an Bacillusendospore is Speciespresent it will be Bacillus stained greensphaericustermiVegetative cells nalwill be pinkBacillus megateriumcentralStainStructurePrimary MordantDecolorizerCounterstainResultOrganisms
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