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Chem Ch 11 Notes

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Chapter 11 Intermolecular Forces Liquids and SolidsIntermolecular forces the forces that exist between moleculesStates of matterGasesAssumes both the volume and shape of its containerIs compressibleFlows readilyLiquidAssumes the shape of the portion of the container it occupiesDoes not expand to fill containerIs virtually incompressibleFlows readilyDiffusion within a liquid occurs slowlySolidRetains its own shape and volumeIs virtually compressibleDoes not flowDiffusion within a solid occurs extremely slowly111 A molecular Comparison of Gases Liquids and SolidsThe state of a substance depends largely on the balance between the kinetic energies of the particles and the interparticle energies of attraction112 Intermolecular ForcesThe strengths of intermolecular forces of different substances vary over a wide range but they are generally much weaker than ionic or covalent bondsThree types of intermolecular attractive forcesDipoledipole forcesLondon dispersion forcesHydrogenbonding forcesIonDipole forcesExists between an ion and the partial charge on the end of a polar moleculePolar moleculeAre dipoles because they have one positive end and one negative endDipoleDipoleAre effective only when polar molecules are very close together
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