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1150 Exam 3 Review 2 (aced the test and got 96%)

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Communication Studies
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CMST 1150

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CMST 1150Intro to Communication StudiesK Filbel instrEXAM 3 REVIEWCommunication TheoryThe exam will include approximately 70 questions multiple choice truefalse andor matching You will need a large scantron form and 2 pencils to record your answersIntroduction to Communication Theory K Filbel lectureCommunication theory as a general term a theory about communicationoWe should look at it as a term so we do not confuse it It uses social scientific methodology it is a hallmark compared to other theories studied previously Social science view of communication theoriesoPerspectives A Truth is singular B Truth is discoverable C Truth is ultimately absolute oCharacteristics of social science1 Objectivity 2 Evidence is independent 3 Outside forces contribute to human behavior 4 Emphasize testing theory Interpretive view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of interpretive point of viewoThe interpretive approach is more critical philosophical and subjective It provides multiple meanings for multiple things we express in a social situation Everyone is going to evaluate and interpret things differently Each person will have different emotions evoked oReality is constructed socially and personally Social science doesnt deal with the feelings after the story is told How we are seeing it is the interpretive approach oCharacteristics of interpretation1 Subjectivity2 Seeks to create a particular outlook 3 A study of intent and motives Looks at whats no being said not blowing off4 Goalsto explain and critiqueCommunication theory as an area within the Communication Studies disciplineProblems with casual human observation and explanation of communication behaviorsResearch methods know types and which ones used by Comm Theory areaPerception K Filbel lecture Wood CM ch 3Know the definitionconception of the followingPerception the active process of selecting
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