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Communication Studies
CMST 1150
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Introduction to Communication Theory K Filbel lecture1Communication theory as a general term a theory about communicationoDefinition by Ernest Bormann its an umbrella term for all careful systematic and selfconscious discussion and analysis of communication phenomena oUses social science methodology 2Social science view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of social scientific point of viewoPerspectives Truth is singular Its as accurate as the information you get Truth is discoverable Truth is ultimately absolute oCharacteristics Objectivity Lack of bias judgment or prejudiceEvidence is independent Should speak for itselfOutside forces contribute to human behavior do not cause Emphasize testing theory 3Interpretive view of communication theories know all characteristics and perspectives of interpretive point of viewoRhetoric and performance studies use an interpretive approachoIts critical philosophical and subjective oRelies on critic to make decisions arent final answers you persuade your reader oReality is constructed socially and personally oElements of interpretation Subjectivity Seeks to create a particular outlook A study of intent and motives Goals to explain and critique4Communication theory as an area within the Communication Studies discipline5Problems with casual human observation and explanation of communication behaviors6Research methods know types and which ones used by Comm Theory areaPerception K Filbel lecture Wood CM ch 3Know the definitionconception of the followingPerception know the 3 stagesoMental process of gathering information selecting organizing and interpreting people objects events situations and activities and categorizing it into meaning o3 interrelated stages Selection We notice things that stand out because they are intense or unusual Education makes us notice things we previously didnt If we want something bad enough we may perceive its there even when its not Organization We dont perceive randomly instead we organize our perceptions in meaningful ways Interpretation The subjective process of creating explanations for what we observe and experience Selective exposureselective attentionConstructivismoA theory that holds that we organize and interpret experience by applying cognitive structures called cognitive schemata Cognitive schemataoMental structures people use to organize and interpret experience oFour types prototypes personal constructs stereotypes and scripts PrototypesoKnowledge structures that define the clearest or most representative examples of some category oAn ideal or best examplePersonal constructsoA mental yardstick that allows us to measure a person or situation along a bipolar dimension of judgment oIntelligent or not intelligent kind or not kind trustworthy or not trustworthy etc StereotypesoA predictive generalization about a person or situation can be accurate or inaccurate ScriptsoA sequence of activities that spells out how we and others are expected to act in a specific situation AttributionoThe act of explaining why something happens or why a person acts a particular way Selfserving biasoThe tendency to attribute our positive actions and successes to stable global internal influences that we control to attribute negative actions and failures to unstable specific external influences beyond our control Group biasPositive visualizationoTechnique used to enhance success in a variety of situations by teaching people to visualize themselves positivelyCognitive complexityoThe number of personal constructs use how abstract they are and how
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