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Communication Studies
CMST 2010
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6 Areas of Communication in order of increasing complexityIntrapersonal conversation with oneself think over and rationalize things in our mindsInterpersonal oMost important form of communicationoDiscuss with another what goes on during our intrapersonal commoThe transactional process of creating shared meaning between 2 people with the goal of common understandingTransaction Give and take Never dependent on 1 person Communication is dependent on activity by both people Process it has different steps Sometimes you end up with something better or something worse Relationships are processes that are always evolvingShared meaning able to communicate through language no matter how basic Shared through emotions nonverbal communications Share through the norms of communication what is expected in our society ex not looking person in the eye when conversating is an offense in America Ex shared meaning in sayings used in certain groups like the military sports workplace etc Understanding code words Goal all communication is goal oriented Minimum goal is for other person to understand what we are saying When lying to a person we really want them to accept the lie Ex discussing with friend where to eat lunch goal is to find a place to eat Watching TV goal is to be entertained Waving toperson walking goal is to be polite Small group communicationoAdded on to interpersonaloEach person that is added gives an exponential amount of more complexity to the conversationOrganizational commoCommunication on the organization leveloA hierarchy naturally emerges no equal powers are given outoEx a boss at a job has the most voice in communication top of hierarchyMass Comm oInterpersonal comes through by advertising and target audiences how we talk about what is seen on tv internet etc oWant to successfully communicate an opinion and message across television advertisement etcoOnline dating another example of how mass comm changes interpersonal comm email etc Public CommoPublic speakingoOne person speaking to a large audienceoInterpersonal intersects how do people talk about the topic spoken on after listening Context setting in which comm Occurs 4 typesPhysical where the communication takes place oVery basically can change how loud we communicateoCan change how personal we get in communication ex more professional in class more personable outside of class Cultural norms etc of the people involved in the communicationoCan range from a macro to micro level Macro dressing differently in different countries languages differentiatingMicro small differences that dont cause any big problems in relationshipsSocioEmotional emotions that feed off of the encounters we have viceversa oEx see someone in good mood get in good mood See negative person start getting negative Historical interaction based on what previously occurred in relationshipoEx relationships feeding off of what occurred previously in the relationshipDefines how we are allowed to react in relationshipRelationshipsFamily immediate family is very interpersonal Distant family can be more of a shared contact know through someone might not know on a personal level Impersonal interpersonaloThree things to determine where relationships lieRelational historyQuality of experiences and quantity of time you spend with the person The better and longer the more interpersonal How satisfying is your time with the personRelational rulesParticular set of rules used to govern your relationship Emerge over time can be specific to specific relationshipsEx teacher and student have unspoken rules to be professional After graduating may become friends because rules change Some people may have rules not to date certain types of peopleRelational uniquenessHow unique is the relationship in comparison to other relationshipsHow replaceable is the relationshipoEx room mates can be very replaceable or if friend not so replaceable Things that can make relationship unique Enjoyment respect intimacyPrinciples of interpersonal commoUnavoidableone cant not communicate As human beings we have to communicate in order to survive we are forced to communicate oIrreversible once something is said it becomes a part of the relationship No rewind button can only move forward oSymbolic we communicate through the use of language and actions standing as symbols oRule governed do not know rules until they are taught We learn different rules based on levelsoLearned must be taught how to communicate with people Ex children learn to share learn to not yell all the time shake hands wave etc oContent level and Relationship LevelContent level what is actually said Like someone transcribing what is saidRelationship level how what is said is interpreted within that particular relationship
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