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17 Africa III Outline

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ENVIRONMENTAL AND POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY OF SUBSAHARAN AFRICALook at the title of each part IHuman GeographyThree other plagues have afflicted Africa since many of the countries became independentfamine warfare and poor leadershipFamine particularly hits hard in the Sahel region and in the Horn of AfricaWarfare has hit nearly every single country since 1960Notes iMedical geography 3 more plagues iiAll of them are political iiiPlagues are usually cause by politicsaFamineiCyclical Famine in Sahel or in horn of Africa Fear that Sudan will slip into one ii1985 Hit Ethiopia music for victims started at this time famine Lots of music concerts Desertification and ongoing political conflict famines worst iiiFamine political issue because called by politics aided by droughts Every one of them is governments fighting with some group of people in their country ivEstimated that if central Africa Ethiopia can be war free and went to mechanized Africa that place could feed the whole planetvToo afraid to grow cropsbWarfareiIntricately tied to famine iiCant stop fighting so famine occursiiiRich agriculturally stakes are higher for whoever wins the conflictcPoor leadershipiHave not helpiiNelson Mandela some others that have helped Extraordinary and fantastic leader iiiNot all some involved in bloody revolutions other caught up in graft and extortion ivWorst ones in history when Africa Uganda Idi Amin took over and fell He was a thug 1First act he did when things started going bad he blamed minority South Asians British moved them all over Africa didnt feel Africans were good enough merchants Moved many to Africa
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