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Test Two Notes 2

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HIST 2023

Test Two PalestineThursday October 18One of the few success in the middle east came from an unsuccessful president Jimmy CarterHe went to Camp David with the rulers of Egypt and IsraelThe first time the name Israel appears is in the Old TestamentIts used by Christians and Jews alikeAbrahams family went to a land of milk and honey PalestineThere were already people living there but AAbraham claimed it belonged to themHe had two sons Ishmael and IsaacIsaac has two sons Jacob and EsauJacob changes his name it Israel God made a promise that applied only to IsraelThe kingdom of Israel covered most of Palestine The Kingdom of Israel was destroyed in 722 BCJudah survived until 586 BCJew comes form Judah The Jews followed the same beliefs and traditions as they did back then believing that one day Palestine would be theirsThe Aspora scattering of the people of Judah around the Middle EastThe Jews believed the promise to Israel applied to themReligion on Islam or MuslimWarrior religionThe conquered lots of things until Charles the Hammer stopped them before the conquered EuropeMuslims controlled a huge part of the world all the middle east Spain Turkey and some of South East Europe Muslim was relatively tolerant 7001000 ADIf people paid their taxes they were left aloneThey could worship however they wanted Jews under Muslim rule faired better than Jews under Christian ruleAntiSemitism not liking Jews common among Christian Europeans Isabella and Ferdinand won Spain for Christianity and began persecuting Jews12 or 13 million Jews at the timeIn 1939 there were about 12 or 13 million Jews in the world but about half of them died in the WWIIThere is still about the same number of Jews todayThey stood outbc the kept practicing their diet and clothing laws They didnt try to fit inAll religions need someone to hate the Christians hated the JewsEnlightenment had an emphasis on religious toleration Jews slowly began to move back to EuropePogrom A tax on JewsIn 1789 France became the first nation to grant Jews equal statusJews realized they liked Western Europe and gave up the dream of Palestine so they began to try to fit in and made progressA Dreyfus was a Jewish French Military officer The only army to have Jewish generalsHe was charged of treasonFalsely convictedBegan the Dreyfus Affair Many people thought he had been treated badly bc he was a JewPeople in other countries said that if Jew cant get good treatment in France then they cant get it anywhere elseIn 1897 Jews began to say that they would only be safe if they had their own country where only Jews ruledZionist movement Great War Great Britain France Russia and the US were together against Germany Hungary and Austria and the Ottoman Empire Turkey which was MuslimIn 1917 when Germany Hungary and Austria had collapsed the British Foreign Secretary Author Balfour issued the Balfour DecelerationIt said that the British government looks with favor on the establishment of the Jewish national home land of Palestine provided that it didnt damage the rights of non Jews who lived thereLeague of Nations aborted the Government of Palestine to Great Britain Mandate until it was capable of governing its self Jewish immigration was encouragedIn 1922 in Palestine there were 591000 Muslims 84000 Jews and 73000 ChristiansBy 1939 there were 849000 Muslims 424000 Jews 115000 ChristiansBritish wanted to slow things down but they picked a bad time to stop Jewish Immigration bc WWII was about to startHalf the Jews in the world were killedThe ones who survived wanted to get awayMany went to the US and Great Britain was in charge of Palestine and at the end of 1947 they got sick of itThey gave the issue of Palestine to the UNThe UN said that Palestine would be split in half and everyone in Palestine had to trade with each other so they would learn to tolerate each otherThe Jews liked the ideaThe Muslims were mad bc they were use to running everythingFighting broke outThe British were caught in the middle so the left at midnight between May 14th and 15th 1948At 1201 the Jews declared Palestine the State of Israel and asked for the UN plan half of PalestineAt exactly the same moment the Muslims declared the state of Palestine made up of all of PalestineMuslims are now Palestinians and Jews were Israelis In the beginning the Palestinians had a lot of support from Egypt Lebanon Jordan and SyriaThe Jews had little support but Jews from around the world sent moneyThe war kept going and eventually all the countries that supported the Palestinians withdrew their supportThe Israelis started with 50 of Palestine and ended with 80 and half of JurelisamThe 50 of Palestine that the UN gave to the Jews was mostly owned by Jews but the 30 they won in the war had been inhabited by Arabs Most left and went to the West band or the Gaza strip In July 1949 the 80 of Palestine that belongs to the Jews is mostly Jewish but what the Muslims have is mostly Muslims who are very crowded They decided to create a governmentThey modeled it after European governmentsThey wanted a President that was more of a figure headThere was one house called the KnessetThey decided to have many political parties proportional representationOne of the most important parties was the Israel Labor PartyDavid Bengurion made the argument that Jews should come live in Palestine if they couldOver the next few years large numbers of Jews went to IsraelFrom the moment Israel declared its self a country the US and then Russia recognized Israel as a country The countries just stopped fightingFrom 1952 to 1956 there was armed conflict between Israel and its neighborsNasser became the ruler of EgyptHe believed that Arabs should become the dominate religion of the worldHe knew Egypt couldnt go to war against Israel so he organized a gorilla commando type of Freedom Fighters The Israelis called them terroristThe Israelis knew it had to be stoppedNasser had seized control of the Suez Canals which was built as a private capital venture mostly by the French Britain bought it from the French later on so it was owned by the EnglishNasser said it belong to him and the British were very angry A Eden was the British Prime Minister and was determined to take action Nasser was providing arms to the revolutionistin Nigeria who were fighting the FrenchThe French prime Minster G Molet was determined to do something about itThe leaders of England France and Israel met secretly to take down NasserThe British and French would say that the canal might be damaged by fighting so they would drop guy in by plane so they would all be in Egypt and would be able to overthrow NasserOctober 1956 Israelis troops entered Sinene and then the British and French dropped in This was called the Suez Affair
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