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The Civil Rights Movement 1954 (got 93% on the test)

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The Civil Rights Movement 19541965IRoad to Brown v Board of Educationa1 NAACP Legal DefenseEducational Fund LDEFshift in Civil Rights StrugglesIIBrown v Board of Education of TopekaaNAACP lawyers psychologists historiansbMay 17 1954Justice Earl WarrenSupreme Court rule against solely race based classifications violated the amendmentiSeparate educational facilities are inherently unequaliiBrown II May 1955 Orders that desegregation of schools at all deliberate speed1The problem is when and if they will applyIIIMassive White Resistance Completely unwilling to accept the PlessyaWhite Citizens Councils 1955 businessmen white collar professionalsclergyiResistance group made up of most respected men in the community that are dedicated to preserve the south bPolitical Resistance VA school closing Southern ManifestoStrom Thurmond 1956iCloses all public schools in Prince County instead of integrating schoolii96 southern congressmen will sign the Southern Manifesto vowing to preserve segregation in the south despite supreme courts ruling in BrowncAttacking the NAACPi9 States 12871679677 246 branches closed1Southern states will be filing suits to remove the NAACP 2Some southern states will aim at making the NAACP illegal saying that it is a communist groupdDesegregation halted 13 school systems 1958iOnly 13 school systems manage to desegregateeEmmett Till Murder 1955 National civil rights will get a boost surrounding the controversy of the murder of Emmett Till iMoney MSBryants grocery store1On a dare he enters Bryants grocery to buy candy and says Bye Bye Baby to the white store owneriiKidnappingmurder at the Tallachatchie River1Bryants husband and brother in law abduct Till from his home with 8 others and torture him then shoot him in the headiiiAcquittalconfession 1Acquits Bryants husband and brother in law They are so confident they sell their confession to a magazine called LookivMamie Bradley and funeral as protest1The funeral is a open casket funeral and she later tours the country talking about southern violenceIVMontgomery Bus BoycottsaED Nixon NAACP BSCP churches black collegesiAlready in search of a case NAACP praises Rosa Parks who refuses to give up her seat bDecember 1 1955Rosa Parks arrestiRefuses to give up her seat on a Montgomery buscOrganization
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