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Mass Communication
MC 2015
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MC 2015 FINAL STUDY GUIDEFormat 25 Multiple Choice Questions 12 TrueFalse Questions 9 Fill in the Blank 4 Short Answer Newspaper Layout LabelingPrinciplesElements of Design Definition A visual component used to create an object or composition The tools of design Dot The simplest form Commonly used as bullet points Line A continuation of the dot that moves your eye in one direction to another Lines are oftenused to section off spaces Shape Parallelograms Circles Triangles Type When text is used as a shape or visual element Value or Tone The intensity of lightness or darkness of anything we see Variations in value can increasedecrease contrast create movement and lead the eye Color Light reflected off of objects Texture The surface quality of a shape Space The area between and around objects Scale Relative size of an element to anotherMovement Implied rather than expressed Typography SerifSans Serif Serif Type Tiny strokes or serifs at the tips of each letter Times family Sans Serif Type Without serifs Arial Anatomy of Type Stroke Any line which makes up part of a letter form Ascender The lowercase character stroke which extends above the xheight Descender The lowercase character stroke which extends below the base line Counter The negative space which is fully or partially enclosed by letter form Serif The short stroke extending off the main stroke of a letter form Baseline The imaginary horizontal line to which the body or main component of characters are alignedXHeight The height of the body minus ascenders and descenders which is equal to the height of the lowercase x Keytype Terminology Font A complete set of characters comprising one specific size style and weight of typeface ex Arial Times New Roman DotumLeading The vertical space between baselines measured in points RACES Collections of typefaces that share graphic characteristics Type Families Consist of all the styles weights and other versions of specific typeface Color
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