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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
MGT 3320

MGT 3320 Exam 3 Study GuideChapter 9 Employee DevelopmentEmployee development acquisition of knowledge skills and behaviors that improve an employees ability to meet changes in job requirements and in client and customer demandsoCritical for talent managementTraining vs developmentoTraining current focus prepare for current job participation requiredoDevelopment future focus prepare for changes participation voluntary Approaches to employee developmentoFormal educationOff site and on site programs designed to develop the companys employeesShort courses offered by consultants or universities MBA programs etcTuition reimbursementoAssessmentsCollecting information and providing feedback to employees about their behavior communication style or skillsIdentify employees with managerial potentialMeasure current employees strengths and weaknessesPersonality tests and inventories do they have the personality necessary to be successfulMyerbriggs type inventoryIntroversionextraversion sensingintuition thinkingfeeling judgingperceivingAssessment center usually off site uses multiple raters to evaluate employees performance on exercises4 typesLeaderless group discussion interviews inbaskets role playsPerformance appraisals 360 degree feedbackoJob experiencesRelationships problems demands tasks and other features that employees face in their jobMGT 3320 Exam 3 Study GuideJob enlargement adding challenges to employees jobsJob rotation systematically moving a single individual from one job to another over the course of timeJob experiencesPromotion advancement into positions with greater challenge more responsibility and more authorityTransfers moving employees to different job assignment in a different area of companyDownward move involves reduction in an employees level of responsibilityauthorityTemporary assignmentsEmployee exchange having companies swap employeesSabbatical leave of absence from the company to renew or develop skillsVolunteer assignmentsoInterpersonal relationshipsMentoringAn experienced productive senior employee who helps develop a less experiences employeeGroup mentoring successful senior employee paired with a group of less experiencesCoaching peer or manager who works with an employee to motivate help develop skills and provide reinforcement and feedbackoSuccession planning identifying and tracking high potential employees capable of filling higher level managerial positions Chapter 10 Employee Retention and SeparationRetention organizations must ensure that good performers stayoMiami Heat good bc they have one of best players need to keep himSeparation chronically low performers should be allowed encouraged or forced to leaveTurnoverwhen people leave the organizationoInvoluntary initiated by the organization out of employees handfiring
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