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Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Pt 12 pg 205242Thomas HobbesWriting during the English Civil War 300 years agoProtestants vs Catholics is first modern political timeTrying to figure who to obey King or Popest1 person to ask how human beings should organize themselves and form the right government What is power to HobbesInstrumental power vs natural power Power is something you can use to attain a good in the futureNatural power is the abilities that are inherent in an individual intelligence strength eloquence Instrumental power is the abilities that are obtained or learned reputation friends moneyThe Natural Condition of PeopleState of war A condition of equality Even the weakest can kill another manWeak people are stronger in mind and stronger people are weaker in mindWe all think that we are wiseNot book smarts everyone thinks they know whats best for themselves 207This leads to fear diffidence and coveting instability then individuals will try too overpower othersstate of warCompetition is a result Glory higher form of reputationLife is short nasty brutish like bad weatherEveryone locks up their things in fear 209Storm clouds are always over our heads but its not always rainingstate of fear 208Natural RightTo preserve ones self because naturally humans try to survive Means everyone has the right to everything and to do anything to serve that needSummum Malumthe worst thing is deathThe Natural Law1 We Seek Peace2 If others are willing we will lay down our natural rights 2103 Justicepeople keep their promisesBe accommodating 217If not we will go back to state of warBe forgiving forgive but dont forgetDont be vengeful accept gifts 218Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto youLaws of nature require human beings to seek peace and maintain the establishments of contracts but because people want power this threatens the safety of the contractsThere must be some common power and sovereign authority to force people to uphold the contractThe sovereign would be in the contract so those who break this would be punished therefore fear mandates the laws of nature ensuring operation of the social contract sovereign is ruling force behind contractWant a form of agreement contract and get rid of natural right to kill everyoneAgreement has ideas of how we should behaveNeed assurance that contracts you make stay true so you need someone to enforce them 220Makes comparison of bee and ants with human Bee and ants work well together to live but humans dont because we have dignity and animals cant reason we dont just follow the QueenHaving reason plays into the fact that be think we are wiserWe are our own sovereignCommonwealth we would give our natural rights to the sovereign to gain commonwealth 222Your natural right is capacity to do what you want and know you must act a part of this artificial person when the queen says move you move and punish the people she says Social Contract1 Giving our natural right to the sovereign bargain is between individuals in the state of nature own sovereign nothing2 Preferable to give right to one decision maker Once people start going their own way the Leviathan becomes sick and falls apart civil war corruptionSovereigns responsibilities make us keep covenants keep us safe all lives are protectedIf there is more than one leader than the wise concept comes back into play and the leaders will fight and possibly divide the people Its in the best interest to go with majority because being under a leader you dont like is better than natural right
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