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POLI 2060 Final Exam Review

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2060

POLI 2060FINAL EXAM NOTESThe Study of Politics What have we been talking aboutAristotle Politics Part 1 107117 Part 2 117123 Why do we associatePurpose of associating with other is to obtain some goodWe need other people to survive2 Natural Reasons to Associate1Make babies reproduce2Rule over others and be ruled enslave or be enslavedaPeople are predetermined to be rulers or slavesbCapacity to rule is natural3Typesof Associations1 Households Make babies Enslave or be enslavedaBasic unit of human lifebRules together make household2Village group of household with specialized duties to help village functionaDifferent households do each different tasks selfsufficiencybHouseholds grow into villages through the generationscWhy village together with other villageiTo create polisiiHeight of full selfsufficiency final and perfect associationiiiFor protection mere lifeivAssociate because when done you are vulnerable to dievexists for sake of good life3Polis group of villages who grow to preserve species and exist to have a good life just and unjustaHuman life different from dog because of LANGUAGEbAssociation through language makes a family and a polisWhat makes us human Language allows for governmentCharacteristic of Politics that Only Humans HaveAbility to decide what is right and wrongDiversity of opinions among humansWe can gather ourselves in any different ways Process of getting together and talking about what we want and how we want to live that differs use from all other animalsoPolis makes this possibleThe end of human beings if POLIS POLITICSThe venue in which we exercise our capability to TALKJUSTICE and oNature of PoliticsSlavery slavery is natural and BENEFICIAL to master and slaveSome people dont have capacity to rule themselves and therefore need someone to ruler over themoIf you are naturally inferior other should rule themoMen know reason and can understand it womenslaves cantoSelffulfilling prophecy if you end a slave then you were obviously supposed to be oneWhat is a Citizen One who participates in politicsNot based on residencyCitizen shares in administration of justice shares in ruling ex Jury dutyoSharing in deliberative and judicial officeoShares in RIGHT for administering1POLI 2060FINAL EXAM NOTESRight to vote free speech discusses justiceCitizenship sharing of rulingGood Person and Good Citizen Being a good citizen doesnt always make you a good personGood person and good citizen can happen under a good constitution when laws are completely set to determine what is right and wrongRuling over one another is natural citizens shares in the right to rule and administer what is distinctive of political ruleoPolitical Rule DOUBLE CAPACITY EQUALITYRule and be ruled must have both knowledgesRule your household and be ruled as citizensFollow laws and live just livesMust be OBEDIENT when RULED and JUST when RULINGGive and take EqualityWhat makes a Good ConstitutionIs NOT one best constitution because they are situational dont know which one youll need at what timeStandard are you considering the well being for the common goodMiddle Class Best ConstitutionProblem 1 Some places dont have middle classMiddle class is susceptible to REASONoLower class 1 Dont know how to rule2 Steal to live petty crimeoUpper class 2 Only know how to rule 2 Big crimesMiddle class people are CONTENT not hurting for good or money and arent hungry for super powerMiddle class people have best disposition for politics because they have the capacity to rule and be ruledLocke Second Treatise of Government Part 1 243268 Part 2 268279Background Locke is responding to HobbesOptimistic theory of what humans can beDefending principles of Glorious Revolution of 1688Government is created to protect the natural rights of life liberty and property these are inviolable State of NatureLaw of NatureEnforcement PowersState of WarState of NatureState of perfect freedom all have access to nature natural world world is abundantSate of equality No one has more power than anotherRight to punish Be executioner of offendersWe all have reason same facultiesLaw of Nature Sate of nature is ruled by law of nature1Preserve ourselves2Preserve mankind as much as possible3Enforcement powersaRepair and Restrain repair get your item backiIn order to return to state of natureThreats to Natural Law1Monarchs government with absolute power threaten your freedom2Murderers3Masters having a place is taking their powerfreedom4Thieves if someone steals from you they can do much worse All DECLARE a DESIGN on your life through ACTIONS or WORDSBeast reasonable person who renounces reason to harm anotherLockes State of War differs from HobbesLocke disagrees with Hobbes that we should use RESTRAIN in punishment2
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