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PSYC 2000 Test 1

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Chapter 1 Psychology and SciencePsychologyhuman mind and behavior Interactions perceptionsAll people interact differently with each otherASSUMPTIONS OF SCIENCE1Orderthere is order in the universe things happen for a reason2Determinismevery event has a physical and potentially measurable cause Free willhumans do things bc we believe thingsThings are caused by physical reasons God3Skepticismdoubts all claims not supported by solid research evidencewants data It is important in psychology bc truths are subject to time Ex Different sex views in the 1900s People are affected by culture4Accuracyevaluate info as carefully as possible5Objectivityfree of bias Important when interpreting 6Openmindednesswillingness to change if given suitable dataGOALS OF SCIENCE1Descriptionciting of observable characteristics new or rare areaaSystematicdescribe only relevant items to your questionbPreciseconcrete descriptionsmeasurementuse of numbersEx Magazine tests same data points for every testtakercOperational definitionsdefinitions in terms of the procedures used to measure or produce them so that everyone who reads your research knows what youre talking about 08 alcohol content is the correct termnot drunknot clear enough2 Prediction1 Hypothesistestable prediction about relationship bt 2 or more factors2 Theorystatements that summarize and explain research findings and from which hypothesis are derived overview of info Ex Parental interaction and bonding affecting children later onPredictions about human behavior more accurate in regard to people in general more than to a specific person3 Controlmanipulating factors that affect thought and behavior1 Experimental controlin research controlling as many factors as possible Ex mood researchtests on same day of the weekkeep environment stable2 Everyday controlapplication of research findings to control behavior 4 ExplanationcausesSCIENTIFIC METHODA series of steps to answer questions1Rationalecome up with what youre going to study and review relevant literatureaIdentify area of interestbReview research that other researchers have done1Operational definitions2Avoid needless replication 3Put research into broader context cumulative science4Other theories2Develop Hypothesistestable prediction3Design Study and Collect Data4Analyze DataADescriptive statisticssummarizes data Mean averagevariabilityBInferential statisticscompare groups of dataCDiscuss implications of research findings5Publish and ReplicateAPublish findings cant keep to yourselfBReplicate study one study is meaninglesscould have flaws1Replicate exact study2Replicate study w systematic variation of relevant variables6Build theoryTYPES OF RESEARCH
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