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Ch 1 Introduction and Research MethodsPsychology study of human mind and behaviorAssumptions of science Order things do not happen randomly things happen in an orderly fashionDeterminismevery event has physical potentially measurable causeWhich came first the chicken or the eggThings are caused they dont just happen randomlySkepticismdoubts all claims not supported by solid research evidenceShow me the dataImportant to psychologyit is a new science Things are likely to change over time Not a constant science Accuracy evaluate info as carefully as possibleObjectivity free of bias no standing ideasOpenmindedness willingness to change what you believe not locked into one ideaGoals of Scientific ResearchDescriptionciting of observable characteristics as they exist Have to understand what is going onSystematicdescribe only relevant items exl ranking feelings 1 through 5Preciseuse concrete rather than abstractuse numbers can be statistically understoodOperational definitions definitions in terms of the procedures used to measure or produce drunkblood alcohol level of above 08PredictionHypothesistestable prediction about relationship between two or more factorsTheorystatements that summarizeexplain research findings and form which hypothesis are derivedPredictionsabout human behavior more accurate in regard to people in general than to a specific person On average people will do thisControl manipulating factors that affect thoughtbehaviorExperimental control in research controlling as many factors as possible Everyday control application of research findings to control of behaviorExplanation causes why did it happen Ultimate goal of psychologyScientific Method series of steps to answer questions1 Rationalereview the research literature relevantIdentify areaReview research operational definitions avoid needless replication put research in broader context build on whats been done in the past exposes you to other theories2 Develop Hy
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