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Social Psychology Test 1

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PSYC 2040

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Social Psychology Test 1Chapter1Social Psychology is the scientific study of how people think about influence and relate to one anotherLewin brought about the thought that behavior is the function of the situation and individual personalities The scientific method is the process of gaining empirical support for explanation of phenomena and involves four steps1Identifying phenomena to study2Designing a testable research hypothesis3Design a research study4Carry out the research studyThe scientific method help us come up with results we can generalize follow up with a field experiment in which we can replicate the results helps to build and test theories these theories and models help guide usThe scientific method leads us to1Make generalizations 2Generates more questionsApplied to psychology 125 years ago in GermanyExperimental research the IV is manipulated there is random assignment a causal relationship can be established there is tight control over extraneous variables and changes in the DV are causally linked to changes in the value of the IVCorrelational research no IVs are manipulated no random assignment causal relationship are not established extraneous variables may be measured and controlled statistically a relationship between two or more DVs is exploredIn the lab there is more control and field experiments are more generalizable but less controlWe give specific definitions operational to terms of behaviorWe use models and theories to better understand peoples functioningCulture is the enduring behaviors ideas attitudes and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the nextSocial representations are socially shared beliefswidely held ideas and values including our own assumptions and cultural ideologies Our social representations help us make sense of our worldNaturalistic fallacy is the error of defining what is good in terms of what is observable the gulf between what is and oughtHindsight bias is the tendency to exaggerate after learning and outcome ones ability to have foreseen how something turned out AKA the I knew it all along phenomenonTheory is an integrated set of principles that explain and predict observed eventsHypothesis is a testable proposition that describes a relationship that may exist between eventsHypothesis allow us to test a theory by suggesting how we might try to falsify it helps to make predictions that give direction to research and the predictive feature of theories can also make them practical
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