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Psychology Final Exam Review

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Psychology Final Exam ReviewExam100 Questions1 pt per question35 new material 65 cumulativeOlder Material EmphasisChapter definitionsSocial psychologythe scientific study of the nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in social situationsSeeks to understand the causes of social behavior and thoughtSocial neuroscienceresearch on neural and biological bases of social processesAttributionhow we identify the causes of others behavior to understand their stable traits and dispositionsSelfpresentationmanaging the self in different social contextsPersuasionefforts to change others attitudes through the use of various kinds of messagesSocial influenceefforts by one of more individuals to change attitudes beliefs perceptions or behaviors of othersProsocial behaviorhelpful action that benefits other people without direct benefitsWhy do scientists believe in the scientific methodDifferences in experimentresearch methodsCase Studya single individual is studied for a long length of time indepthNaturalistic observationsystematically observe behavior in natural settingsSurveylarge number of people answer questions about their attitudebehaviorCorrelational methodobservation of 2 variables to determine if they change together100 to 100 with1 being the strongest and 0 none the weakestExperimental Methodthe independent variable is systematically changed to determine its effect on the dependent variableIndependent variable Xwhat is changedmanipulated in the experimentDependent Variable Yaffected by independent variable measured in the experiment
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