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Chapter 5The Self Identity Emotions and PersonalityUndergoing cognitive developmentresult in changes in personalityAble to reflect on actions attitudes thoughts feelings in ways that younger children cantResults in changes in selfconcepts selfesteem emotional understandings and identitiesSelfpart of an individuals personality of which he or she is awareSelfunderstandingcognitive representation of the selfdimensions of an adolescents selfunderstandingoAbstract and IdealisticoDifferentiatedrealizes that who they are changes a little bit while around different peopleoThe Fluctuating Selfwho they are depends on moodoContradictions within the selfoReal and Ideal True and False SelvesActual Selfwho the adolescent is right nowPossible selfIdeal selfperson you want to becomeFeared selfperson you know you could become but dont want to becomeFalse selfthe front doesnt really represent selfSocial comparisoncompare abilities with those of othersSelfconsciousimaginary audienceSelfprotectivefocus mainly on positive attributesSelfintegrationputting all the parts into a wholeCulture and the SelfWestern individualistic cultures encourage selfreflection and selfinsightAmericans especially concerned with selfesteemTraditional independent cultures do not encourage selfabsorptionoPersonal goals may interfere with group goalsSelfEsteemSelfconceptSelfesteema global evaluation of the self a persons selfworthSelfconceptdomainspecific evaluations of the selfSelfesteem from preAdolescence thru adolescencestable then down during junior high then back up as age increasesDifferent aspects of SEBaseline SEstable enduring sense of sellbeing and worthBarometric SEImportance of SEMental healthhigh SE linked to longterm mental health emotional wellbeingoPeople with underdeveloped or low SE have symptoms of emotional dysfunctionDrug abuseteenage pregnancyEating disorders anxiety and depressionSometimes the adolescent with low SE tries to present a false self as a way of compensationInterpersonal competence and social adjustmentthose with low SE often rejected by othersoSocial interactions become a source of anxiety vulnerable to criticismoMay choose to isolate themselvesdownward spiral oIf they felt comfortable with other people positive interactions could turn their SE problems aroundPeople with low SEmore easily led followersProgress in SchooloHigh SE correlated with higher academic achievementoExtracurricular activities also related to higher SEVocational aspirationsdesireexpectations to succeed related to SEoAdolescents who have determined some sort of career path for themselves have higher SE than those who have notoLow SEless likely to expect to succeedDelinquencycorrelated with low SEoMay be a form of compensationoSeek to restore their self respectdeviant groups give them approval they are not getting from normal societyoHigh SE protects from deviant behavioroTreatmentGroup homesmodel after parentsWilderness campsnot regulated come home to same problemsInfluence of SEAcceptanceApprovaloParentsHigh SEgood relationships with parentsBoys have good relationship with fatherhigh SE with momsuccessful intimate relationshipsvice versa with girlsCaring but strict consistent not tyrants set limitsoDivorce and Blended familiesInfluence of ageYounger mothers dont tend to cope well with divorce use kids as sounding boardYounger the child the bigger the effect lack of coping resources blame themselvesRemarriageHarmony of family most important not structureConflict linked to low SE
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