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Lecture Notes 2 28 2013

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2282013LTM can also be a procedural system This includes implicit memories and primingExplicit vs Implicit MemoryWe have to measure implicit memories slightly different from explicit Implicit measures are indirectthere will be a change in behavior to reflect the fact that you have learned something Implicit memories arent part of our conscious awarenessImplicit memories enhance performance in various tasks Mere exposure to information can aid or bias later perceptions and may also reflect a more primitive type of memory ExamplesProcedural MemoryRiding a bike tying your shoes mirror drawing etcPerceptual Priming Repeated stimuli confer perceptual benefits even with no conscious recollection Card TrickPerceptual PrimingKay et al 2004 brought participants to a lab and sat them in that room In the room was one of two types of objects a briefcase and fancy pen or a backpack and pencil All the participants did was sit in the room where the objects were present then they had to do a social cooperative game If the person was to have 50 how much would they keep to themselves and how much would they give away Kay found that the people with the business stuff were far more competitive just because they were in a room with businesslike materialsWilliamsBargh 2008 had participants come into the lab when the person signed in a re
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