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Notes 10 20 11 Chapter 8

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3050

IO PsychologyChapter 8Training in OrganizationsRefers to any kind of teaching that is related to ones job1998typical firm spent 21 million on trainingLeading edge companies spend about 2000 per year on trainingWhy do we need trainingEven valid selection systems dont usually have EEs ready to go on day oneoOrganizations must learn how to adapts KSAs to fit corporate cultureChanging the nature of work necessitates constant updating of knowledge and skillsoEg computer skillsTraining programs can increase EE organization commitment and JSat job satisfaction resulting in increased productivity less absenteeism and less turnoverTraining DefinedFormal procedure that a company utilizes to facilitate learning so that the resultant behavior contributes to the attainment of a companys goals and objectivesAssessing Training NeedsMust identify if a training need exists before designing and implementing training programsTypes of analysesoOrganizational AnalysisoTask AnalysisoPerson AnalysisoDemographic AnalysisOrganizational AnalysisDetermine the organizations short and longterm goals and compare goals to current state of performanceWhere organization is not meeting goals training can be used to improve performanceTask AnalysisExamination of the specific task or job requirements that are necessary for the successful conduct of each job remember the Job AnalysisUtilize SMEs Subject Matter Experts to gather jobrelated informationCompare how the job is currently performedwith how it should be performedwhere performance is deficient focus training energyPerson AnalysisIdentify with EEs are most in need of trainingOften utilize performance appraisal data to determine which employees would most benefit from trainingWe know the organization needs training in the service sector with respect to handling complaints and now we ask who in particular needs training in this area1Page
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