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Psyc 3050 Final

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3050

1Chapter 10 What are attitudes Why are they importantoAttitude degree of positive and negative feeling towards an objectoAttitudes predict behavior through intentions AjzenFishbeinTheory of Reasoned Action Attitudes and Subjective Norms affect intentions which impact behaviorsSubjective Normsindividual perceptions of social pressures to perform Theory Planned BehaviorAjzens and Madden revised theoryAttitudesSubjective Norms and Perceived Behavioral Control affect Intentions which impact BehavioroPerceived Behavioral Controlindividual belief about ease of performing behavioroPBC is similar to self efficacy and expectancyWhy add PBC Why direct effect on behaviorWhy IO folks should study AttitudesoThe belief that they influence behavioroHumanitarians wish to improve work attitudes to benefit people in generaloHelp us understand the influence of attitudes at work and how attitudes affect our nonwork livesJob SatisfactionoPleasurable positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of ones job or job experienceits cognitive oLockes PerceptValue Theory 1976oPractitioners have always viewed it as an important determinant of productivity Organ 1988 Job CharacteristicsoFrom Hackman and Oldhams Job Characteristics TheoryoStructure of job and what job provides affects job satisfactions ValuePercept TheoryoSpectorJex 1991 EEs perceptions of JCs and job satisfaction are positively related r030040 oDaily Hassles negatively related to job satisfaction Hart 1999IndividualPersonal CharacteristicsoStaw 1986 and his colleaguesSatisfaction stable over time suggest individual differences play an important roleAffective Dispositiontendency to respond to classes of environment stimuli in predetermined ways Judges work on Selfesteem 2oOther evidence that Job Satisfactionnot overly stable eg SteelRentsch 1997oGenetic factors may play an important role Arvey et al 1989Social FactorsoRelationships with supervisors and coworkers are important predictors of employee satisfactionThink about a really good job oOrganizational Justiceemployee perceptions of the fairness of policies and procedures Affects attitudes behaviors and performance Growth OpportunitiesoPerceptions of potential for Development and Promotion oIf we perceive we will continue to make more money and get promoted we will be satisfied with our job at least to a limited extentoSometimes opportunities for growth at work and in the family can conflict and become a source of stressEspecially imp For dualearner families Measurements and DimensionsoTradeoff between measuring broad attitudes and specific facetsoJob SatisfactionJDI Job Dimensions Index measures 5 dimensionsWork Pay Promotion Opportunities Supervision and CoWorkers oJob Characteristics HackmanOldham measure 5 Job FacetsPay Security Social Supervisory and GrowthoOverall measures Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnairemeasures 20 different facets of satisfaction or can use short form to measure overall satisfactionJDS HackmanOldhamFaces ScaleMeasures the more affective component of satisfaction Consequences oPerformanceSatisfied Worker is a Productive Workerr014030sHigher for managers than nonmanagers OCBs Organizational Citizenship Behaviorsr020050s Organ says mean is about 030How did the idea of OCBs come aboutCausal RelationshipoWithdrawal behaviorsAbsenteeismOnly 28 of timeoff due to personal illnessCosts associated with aging loved ones over 12 billion per yearCost associated with carpal tunnel syndrome workers comp 60 billion per year
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