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Chapter 11

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IO PsychologyChapter 11Stress and Strains Figure 111Stressany force that puts a psychological or physical function beyond its range of stabilityoStress leads to strainStrainundesirable personal outcome that results from stressful experiencesWorkplace Stress ModelIntrinsic factors such as perceived control play a significant role in creating stressRole variables such as role ambiguity and role conflict also create stressoRole ambiguityderive from unclear expectationsoRole conflictderive from inconsistent expectations messages and signalsInterpersonal relationships with supervisors and coworkers also give rise to stressCareer development and changest21 Century Organizational Stressors and How to Deal with Them Table 1111Less supervisionsaDevelop own responsibilities objectivesbSeek highquality feedback from others2Team CultureaBe prepared for and accept empowermentbImprove your communication skills3DownsizingaBe aware of rumors but dont let them overcome youbWork hard and creatively to prove your worth to your organization4DiversityaBecome more aware of your own values and prejudicesbConsider the many benefits that come from diversity including increasing productivityThree Types of StrainJobRelatedlow satisfaction and less motivationEmotionalless patience and increased irritabilityoBurnoutreflected by emotional exhaustion cynical views of work and belief that one is not usefulPhysiologicalillness becomes more frequent role in development of heart diseaseManagerial Perspective on StressStress is either challenge or hindrancerelatedChallengerelated stress is positively related to satisfaction negatively to job searchHindrancerelated stressinterferes with work and is negatively related to job satisfactionpositively related to job searchDifferent types of stress have differential effects on important outcomes1Page
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