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Exam 3 (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 3083

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Exam 3Chapters 16 Forensics 17 Health Psychology 18 Psychopharmacology Substance AbuseThursday May 02 2013622 PM 115 questions on classical and operant conditionsKnow basic paradigms of each how fears are acquired and maintainedextinctionandreinforcement Wolpe punishmentand systematic Desensitization Time out Conditioning the association between environmental stimuli and responses tothe organisms responseso2 Types of ConditioningClassical ConditioningPrimitive reflexive responses are learned elicitedto draw out bring forthThe process by which a previously neutral stimulus acquires the capacity to elicit a response through associationPavlov Extinctiona nonreinforced response results in the weakening and eventual disappearance of the response In CC extinction occurs when the CS is no longer paired with the US Habituationrepeated exposure results in no response Usually it is an orienting response without reinforcement that decreases vs extinctionSpontaneous recovery Resistance to extinction Operant ConditioningVoluntary behaviors are learned emitted AKA Instrumental LearningThe process by which a response becomes more or less likely to occur depending on its consequencesSkinnerConsequences of BehaviorReinforcement strengthens the response or makes it more likely to recur Primary reinforcers are inherently reinforcing and typically satisfy a physiological needSecondary reinforcers are stimuli that have acquired reinforcing properties through associations with other often primary reinforcers Positive Reinforcementwhen a consequence that follows a response makes the response more likely to occurNegative Reinforcementwhen a response is followed by the avoidance or removal of a stimulus that makes the response more likely to occur Punishment weakens a response or makes it less likely to recur Primary Punishersomething that is inherently punishing such as electric shock
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