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PSYC 4008Exam 3 Notes To the point where psychology is considered a scienceWe were focusing on physiology Gustav Theodor Fechner 18011887 Trained as physician but never practiced medicine Entered college at 16 Son and grandson and great grandson of German ministervery devout Considered to be one of the ugliest people in the disciple of psychology Worked at the same university his whole lifeLeipzig important Went to med school there got a job there and stayed the rest of his life 70 yearsWhen he got MD he decided he wanted to train himself in some additional science and move away from biology and become more involved in math and physics and chemistry To support himself he took on the task of a translator oFrench books into German and every time he would translate his name would go on the book too and his name became known as a physicistoOver an 8 year period he translated 12 text books oOver this period he was given some space to conduct experiments at Leipzig and to give some lectures but wasnt actually employed and the people who took his class paid him oHe published some big physics and chemistry papers 40 major articles during this time oGot married oOne type of experiment was on perceptionvisual afterimages Doing research on Herings theory Did it with increasingly brighter light and used color lenses to look directly into the sun Before people knew that parts of the EMS can cause damage to the eye didnt block UV radiation and he damaged his retina to the point of blindness Full professorship in 30s usually didnt happen til given last rites This was coupled with being superstar at major German university and then couldnt read or write and had mental breakdown including severe depression and inability to eat foods of all types chronically nauseated weeks at a time without eating refused to see anyone other than his wife for 3 years became nervous invalid and resigned professorship disability pension This period of his life is referred to as Fechners Crisis Period oHad a real effect on his views of what is important in life oChanged his POV of the nature of reality much more spiritualvitalistic oResulted in his developing the notion that Became more introspective Day viewoptimistic hopeful way of viewing reality oMentalisticeven though things like faith and spirituality and the realm of human mind and human values are sometimes made fun of in science his opinion is that they are just as valued and importantthe subjective evaluation of the world is just as important as the objective evaluation oSees human beings as enlightening and optimistic and dignified Night viewmechanistic scientific materialistic depressing oDemeaning to humans to think of us as only physical and that we are nothing but flesh and bone and chemistry insufficient Both of these POVs are valid and equally important Develops a theory of mind identity theory identity monism double aspect theory Looking at the relationship between mind and body is like looking at a circle it doesnt matter at all if you describe it by its internal or external characteristicsboth points of view are equally valid The inner view and outer viewyoure going to describe the same thing Interested in lawful relationship Manipulating the stimulus between two points only to the point that people notice a shift While he was going through this period he wanted to come up with a way to demonstrate to the scientific community that the day view is just as valid as the night view oIf his mindbody position is right there must be some way to show these two views are related to each other physical principles must be related to spiritual experiences stoHe recorded in his diary an idea referred to as 1 scientific psychologypsychophysics When you consider perceptual things if you begin to investigate you see through experimentation there is highly predictable outcome for applying a stimulus There is a reliable relationship between the physical realm and mental experience Manipulation of physical stimulation and when does a mental event happenIndirectly quantifying mindTheory of just noticeable difference
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