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Achieving Goals

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PSYC 4030
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Achieving GoalsSelfregulation and learningThe ability to set and achieve goals is a key to long term successIt includesoBeing able to wisely set goals oBeing able to monitor progress accuratelyoBeing able to avoid obstacles or problemsolve around themoBeing able to manage timeoBeing able to learn from experience reflection and apply it to the futureRelated concepts selfregulated learner metacognitionBut its difficult isnt itoWhat kinds of things keep us from accomplishing what we have set out to doAchieving Goals1Common obstacles to goal achievement 2Setting and achieving goalsaSetting goals wiselybWorking out the detailscMaking a habitdFeedback and improvement3Beliefs motivation and learningSome Brief TermsValuesoValues are principles of high importance to youoYou can act on values but they are not accomplishedoInstead values set a general direction for your life and can act as an internal guide for your decisions
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