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StudyGuideExam1ThinkingandDecisionMakingFall2012DrLaneSEEREMOVEDQUESTIONSAchieving Goals LectureWhat are the major components of selfregulation with respect to learning and achievementWhat are common reasons people fail to achieve their goals What is affective forecastingFailure to plan on daily basis how to advance dont practice new behavior until it becomes easy dont measure progress or do so poorly affective forecasting is predicting our feelings when we take certain steps or proceduresWhat is mental simulation and how is it useful What is an implementation intention and why is it helpfulMental simulation is imagining the process instead of the main goal and it helps us prepare to take the steps necessary implementation intention is the specification of when where and how something will be accomplishedHow do you make something a habit Why is constancy and moderation so important to achievementHabits are formed by practice and repetition constancy and moderation help take things in little chunks so you dont burn out by the time you get close to accomplishing your goalWhat is contingency management Why is feedback so importantContingency management deals with a contract with yourself to do something you dont want to if your goal is not achieved in a set amount of time feedback is huge so that you can keep track of progress record what works and doesnt workDistinguish between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset Can you change a persons mindset and if so howFixed mindsets look to avoid negative judgment on competence and see abilities as unchangeable growth mindsets want to increase competence and see intelligence as malleableThose with a fixed mindset need to work on branching out trying new things and not being afraid to failWhat might be the longterm consequences of adopting each mindsetFixed mindsets avoid challenging tasks and are less likely to persist when things get difficultGrowth mindsets choose challenging tasks and persist more by turning up effort when theyre challengedLearning Principles LectureWhy is the metaphor of the empty vessel not an appropriate description of learningDefine encoding retrieval and elaboration Distinguish between working memory and longterm memoryWhat are the characteristics of working memory eg its duration capacity
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