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PSYC4030StudyGuideHelping Doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health StatisticsWhat is collective statistical illiteracy p 54 What are the 3 main points in this monograph p 54 What is the difference between absolute and relative risk Which type of risk does the media tend to report p54top of p 55What is the difference between conditional probabilities and natural frequencies Which is easier to understand Why p 55What is the key difference between survival and mortality rates What is the lead time bias p 56What is the overdiagnosis bias p 57What are the 4 questions we should ask about all risks p 58What are some of the potential harms of screening tests p 58Distinguish between false positive and false negative errors in screening tests What is specificity and sensitivity p 59 define the illusion of certainty p 61According to Kalet Roberts and Fletcher 1994 how many patients discussed risks and benefits with their doctors during visits How does this relate to peoples ability to understand basic risks p 63According to research people are most likely to have a favorable evaluation of a treatment when benefits are described in what terms p 65Name 3 problems with the quality of press coverage of health statistics p 65How do advertisements typically discuss the benefits and potential harms of new drugs They talk about these differently p 66Name two consequence of misleading advertising p 71What is the illusion of certainty p 76Which statistics are used to communicate risk in transparent forms Which are in nontransparent forms p 77 What is mismatched framing p 78What are the authors four recommendations on probability formatting and frequency formatting Very end of p 86 first full paragraph of p 90Blink Gladwell 2005What was the finding of the Iowa experiment P810 What is the adaptive unconscious P1112What kind of research occurs in the love lab and how accurate are their predictions about the success of relationships p1823 what is thinslicing p23What is Gottmans marriage survival rule with respect to expressed emotion 1st paragraph p26According to Gottman what are the four horsemen P3234What were the results of Goslings study on personality judgments p3438 Why is it sometimes helpful to have less information Last paragraph p37What features predict whether a doctor will be sued for malpractice P4143What were the basic findings of priming studies conducted by Barghcolleagues P5258How does damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex affect behavior p 5960What is the relationship between what people say they want in a date and how they actually act P6467What conditions lead to good decisionmaking in fastpaced conditions P113114What is the verbal overshadowing effect p119122 According to Gary Klein how did the Fire Department Commander recognize the impending accident P122124
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