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Practice Test PSYC 4176 Chapters 1

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PSYC 4176
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Practice Test PSYC 4176 Chapters 1611Talk therapy takes how long2Techniques used in talk therapy3Freud determined that treatment came through what4Breuer and Freuds case study on whom5What are the 3 domains of development6What is the last stage in development Ages7A theory is defined as an orderly integrated evidencebased set of statements that serve to do what three things8What are the 3 basic issues in development9Development occurs in a context of what two things that can result in different developmental paths or trajectories10What is inborn biological givens based on genetic inheritance11What are the effects on the environment and the physical and social world that interact with biological and psychological development12How were children viewed in the medieval erath13In the 16 centuryth14In the 17 centuryth1518 century16What are daily impressions of a childs behavior and who did this17What are agerelated averages and norms18Mental testing movement started with what and who were early developers19Who was the developmental theorist and what was his view on naturenurture
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