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Sociology NotesSociological TheorySociologyoSystematic study of social interaction at a variety of levels study them at the individual level and also in groupsIsnt sociology just common sense No most assumptions are falseSociological imagination oC Wright MillsoAbility to see the connection between individual lives and larger social influences We look at sociology through two different lensesoMacro Perspective society influences larger scaleoMicro perspective individual influences smaller scaleMicrosociology study of human behavior in contexts of face to face interaction friends familyMacrosociology study of large scale groups organizations or social systems region of the country school religionHow could each of these situations be both micro and macrooDivorce It is happening so much people might look at it as acceptableFinances jobsFamily issuesoUnemploymentThe economyTardiness being late laziness personal issuesDisability OriginsoTheory statements that explains why a phenomenon occurs Theories guide our research Auguste ComteoThe father of sociologyoSociety should be based on observation or experience as opposed to idealogy or religionoSomething you see or observeEmile DurkheimoSocial facts our parents grew up in a different time than we didoSocial solidarity this keeps society functioning and moving forward what contributes to social solidarity and cohesionoDivision of labor we rely on others for food clothing People rely on us for our jobs too oLooked at social factsoDemographics race sexKarl MarxoCapitalism Capitalists to him this is the upper class man upper classPetite Bourgeoisie small business owners people in the middle middle classProletariatmasses of workers who depend on wages to live lower classoClass Conflict the haves and have nots He predicted that there would be a revolution He thought that the people with no money would revolt against the wealthyoAlienation feeling separation from work if you work in a factory and do a small part of something big without knowing what the final resolution is you might feel left out or alienated from the big picture Max WeberoVerstehen knowing that everyone is unique and where you end up in life is sometimes not in your control putting yourself in someone elses shoes EX thinkingoValuefree sociologyseparating your own personal beliefs from what is factual and what is observed judging people and their behaviorFOUR MAIN THEORIESoFunctionalismSystem of interdependent parts that work together to ensure survival How the human body works exPolicemen firemen paramedics helping a society exManifest functions intended and recognized what people observe or expect Ex cellphonefor communicationLatent functions unintended and unrecognized not explicitly stated Ex cellphoneflashlightoConflictExamines how groups struggle over power and compete for scarce resources founderKarl Marx Conflict allows people to stay motivated If have money can go to a better school and get better teachersoFeministExplain the social economic and political position of women in society To help women progress in society and to be looked upon as equally as menWhy women struggle because of their sexMacrosociology oSymbolic interactionism Emphasizes the role of symbols and language as core elements of all human interaction The symbol of the American flag stands for pride for American citizens On the other hand Iran people would want to burn it CHAPTER TWO 82712Social research involves objecting gathering of data it helps us make informed decisions instead of just guessingoBehavior guided by rules and behaviorQuantitative research deals with numerical data and is in the form of surveys analysis ect oNot as detailed
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