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LSUSOCL 2001T.KaziSpring

SOCL 2001 Study Guide - Spring 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Social Class, Trust Law, Sociology

OC249840860 Page
12 Oct 2018
Most likely to occur if personalities are incompatible: macro: looking at divorce rates cross-culturally. The way in which society is integrated: there
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LSUSOCL 3601Dr. O'NeilSpring

SOCL 3601 Study Guide - Spring 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Geoffrey Hinton, Erving Goffman, Social Class

OC252060059 Page
12 Oct 2018
Social class differences in speech in usa are not as prominent as they are in other countries. Most differences are geographical distances and white/bl
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LSUSOCL 2505C.ChauvinFall

SOCL 2505- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 23 pages long!)

OC36066423 Page
13 Oct 2017
What is a family: depends on when you ask/asked that question. Why: yes it has economic and governmental regulations other than social. Sociological th
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LSUSOCL 3601R.O' NeilFall

SOCL 3601- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 31 pages long!)

OC218567431 Page
6 Oct 2017
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LSUSOCL 4471GremillionSpring

[SOCL 4471] - Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (12 pages long!)

OC49752012 Page
7 Feb 2017
Freedom of speech: values people say more of what they want to say because of this amendment. Belief (cid:396)eligio(cid:374), the(cid:396)e is a (cid:
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LSUSOCL 2001O' NeilFall

[SOCL 2001] - Midterm Exam Guide - Ultimate 36 pages long Study Guide!

OC143519336 Page
6 Feb 2017
Ethics: do not harm subjects, confidentiality/ anonymity. Culture: material culture: stuff, desks, clothes, etc. Necessary for our survival: normative
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LSUSOCL 4461Dr.TorresFall

SOCL 4461 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: National Crime Victimization Survey, Uniform Crime Reports, White-Collar Crime

OC49752021 Page
5 Oct 2016
There are varying definitions but what we are concerned about is the commission of. Great american crime drop: shows that since the 1980"s crime has si
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LSUSOCL 3501StevensonFall

SOCL 3501 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: White-Collar Crime, List Of Sovereign States By Suicide Rate, Deterrence Theory

OC49752030 Page
5 Oct 2016
Quantitative data (numbers, rates) is an objective way of doing research. Example: people who stay in college for a long time because they keep switchi
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LSUSOCL 2001nilepattersonFall

SOCL 2001 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Cultural Lag, Symbolic Culture, Mardi Gras

J'Avante Ducros23 Page
5 Oct 2016
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LSUSOCL 4401R.KroegerSpring

SOCL 4401 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Super Bowl, Infant Mortality, Pierre Bourdieu

OC237249113 Page
23 Jan 2018
Institutions entail distinct social practices (intimacy, support, socialization) Institutions have social positions characterized by norms that both fa
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LSUSOCL 2001N.PattersonFall

SOCL 2001 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Social Isolation, Class Conflict, Symbolic Culture

OC21782128 Page
26 Oct 2017
What is the sociological perspective: people"s social experiences underlie behavior. Inspired to work hard, frugality, and protestant ethics: showed fa
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LSUSOCL 4471GremillionSpring

SOCL 4471 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Law Of The Soviet Union, State Ownership, Fourth Amendment To The United States Constitution

OC49752013 Page
22 Mar 2017
The primacy of written law varies considerably: common law relies less on statutes, but they are present. Civil law relies almost exclusively on them:
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