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SOCL 2501

Social constructionist approach social problems arise as people define conditions Social problems are constructed from society itself and societies will differ on what these social problems actually areConditions that are undesirable Conditions in need of change Claims Making how do social problems arise Social movements social networking media outlets People go publicly and state their case on why certain things are social problems MADDmothers against drunk driving emotional appeal of being a mother NRAGuns rights Activists Easy to make emotional appeals following a tragedy Objective and Subjective Assessments82412One indication that people recognize an issue as a social problem is the formation of a social movement People who react to something that they see as a problem to society social movementsStages in Social Movements1Emergence the emerging of a movement the coming out Debut 2Coalescence there becomes an alignment Organized unified group Seems to be missing from modern day social movements Occupy Wall Street has failed to truly coalesce 3Formalization different groups with slightly different goals come together as one4Decline finally they go away A goal will be achieved in some way and they will fadeEight Assertions that form the Foundation1Social problems result from the ways in which society operates Food becomes cheaper specific foods become cheaper obesity rises A natural consequence of society operating Nothing is perfect 2Social problems are not caused by bad people More interested in the cause the base 3Social problems are socially constructed as people define a condition as harmful and in need of change The same people
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