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SOCL 2505

Chapter 10 Quiz1Which of the following factors did not contribute to the elderly relying on kin for support in the earlier history of our countryaUnemploymentbSocial welfare programscDeathdLower wages2Skipped generation households are created because of the following reasonsaChild abuse by parentbDrug abuse or illnesscIncarceration of parentdAll of the above3Most of the elderly who have five or more limitations to their activities of daily living personal care bathing and dressing for example live in nursing homes FALSE4Which of the following factors makes it easier for grandparents today compared to earlier generations to have an emotionally satisfying relationship with their grandchildrenachildren needing to be raised and remaining in the homebliving at a geographic distancecfewer grandchildren and more resources to give themdlack of telephone contact5Bengston 2001 believes in strong intergenerational ties and cities as his argument thataadult children have their parent available to them well into midlife ball of the abovecgrandparents have strong bonds with their children and grandchildrendparents take in daughters and grandchildren after divorce6The primary factor determining the amount and degree of contact among families isaHealth
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