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Chapter 9 Notes

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1015 Chapter 9Children and ParentsHistoricallyBaby boomBaby bustProportion of American families with children has dropped to 46Baby boomAlmost 60 of families had children under 18With so few children it is important for parents to raise them to be productive adultsThis is bad in the long run bc there is a big population of old peopleThere are less younger people to support the olderWhat Are Parents Supposed to Do for ChildrenParents supplyLove nurturing and care to develop sense of trustSource of emotional support and control where they are teaching themAssistance toward autonomyGuidance discipline and supportMajor source of primary socializationSocialization is process where children learn the rules and order of society and its expectationsSocialization as Support and ControlTypes of Parenting BaumrindAuthoritativehigh levels of emotional support and inductive controlPermissive some support with low or no controlAuthoritarianlow emotional support and coercive controlSocialization and EthnicityBaumrinds study more likely to apply to middle class whitesIdea is that African American families are more likely to use physical punishment than white familiesCorporal punishment has negative meaningIt is actually still allowed in some Louisiana schools B found that spanking does not have a determental effect with the account of social classIdea is that there is symbollic meaning behind it and that spanking has cultural roots Primary task of socialization is to familiarize child with hisher cultureTeaching of norms and valuesNorms Widely accepted rules throughout societyNot written down but understoodEx wash hands after you go to the bathroom face forward in an elevator Values Goals or principles that are held in high esteem by a societySocialization and Social ClassDifferences by social classificationSocial class and parental valuesMiddle class is less supervised at workMore likely to focus on autonomyindependence and selfdirectionPut focus on children and independence Allow children to ask questions more often Working class and lower class are highly supervised at workMore likely to focus on obedience and conformityParents are supervised and tend to impress this on their children Socialization and GenderTwoway process
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