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Final Exam Review Completed Chapter 13 Section (Got A+ on the test)

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SOCL 2505
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Chapter 13 Step FamiliesSTEP FAMILIES Doing the work of KINSHIP Must consider not just who is present in the household but also who is investing time and effort into the stepfamily Kinship means seeing each other regularly and or giving or receiving help maintaining relations So to be a relative you have to do the work of creating and maintaining kinshipEasy for biological family not necessarily a given for step familyStepfamily doesnt replace they are just an addition to this kinship networkDemography which is MORE LIKELY TO END IN DIVORCE THE DEMOGRAPHY OF REMARRIAGE AND STEPFAMILIESMost remarriages follow a divorce not a deathRemarriages are more likely to end in divorce than first marriage Maybe less likely to tolerate certain things in second Maybe suck at picking a spouseMaybe suck at keeping a relationship together Can be more complex relationshipRemarriage in which wife step children are present have higher probability in ending in divorceIs new husband bringing in new kids kids that are not her own more likely to end in divorce Seen as mother figure and they may or may not like you If you have never been a mom it may be even
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