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Chapter 7 Sociology (got 94% in the course)

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SOCL 2505
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Chapter 7 CohabitationMarriageMarriage ExceptionsChanged dramatically in the USPursue more meaningful unionIncrease in cohabitationForming a UnionUnion a stable intimate relationship between two people who live in the same household but may or may not be marriedDecline in parental influenceShift away from marrying out of needFormal CourtshipCourtship a publicly visible process with rules and restrictions through which young men and women find a partner to marry happened more in the upperclass bc of propertyEuropean rootspublicly visible no privacy big rule for parents and community to see how things were goingPhasesoParks family gettogethersoMove on to a oneonone date but it was still in public curfews couldnt stay out late because being see with a man in late noon who you were not married to was improperoEvening visits then engagement only time you got privacyDecline of formal courtshipAfter the early 1900sLinked to social and economic shifts in the USoMigration from rural areas overseas to urban areasoRise of industrial capitalismoHigher standards of livingoLengthening of adolescenceoMobility increased automobiles
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