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SOCL 3371 Exam 1

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SOCL 3371

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1SOCL 3371stNotes for 1 ExamCase Study 11630Trading company heading to Americacorporate monopolies exclusive rights to trade with England exclusive commoditiespowerful corporations had armies of many peoplegranted a charter from Charles I for a large piece of land on North Americamembers of the company had to be PuritansPuritans though the English church looked way too much like the Roman Catholic church they thought they needed to get rid of all of it they had a vision of what they wanted the church to become which wasits original forms back in the day Direct line to Godsaw the movement of the new world as them being able to use it as a large religious experiment and if successful they would become the blue print for the spread of this way of lifeThe bible is a recipe for the way of lifeMassachusetts Bay ColonyThey believed they were the chosen people of God on a mission 1636 by 36 they have begun to write legal codes define what constitutes them1692Crimes punishable by deathPeople beginning to take note that there is behavior that is occurring and it looks a lot like a certain crime2Crime Occurs Witchcraft being identified in the Reverends house in SaelemoBefore they start letting thr word out they want to figure it out themselves and see if its really witchcraft or notoInvestigation informalBaking a cake witchcraftDoctor medical opinionoReported Crime has to be individual citizens file a formal complaint one kind of charging documentoAccused are arrested and detainedoInquiryinterrogation hearing preliminary hearing Yes accusations do have merit and then there is another formal charging document which is called an Indictment formal capital felonyOfficials have determined now that there is merit to accusations made earlier and that these individuals should be charged for witchcraftNow have to determine guilty or notoJury TrialNo defense attorney one sided trial unlike todayAll the people providing evidence are all one sided Oyer and Terminer procedure is different then regular trialWitchcraft making a covenant with the Devil very serious in this community bc it means you have renounced your faithPermit introduction of different kinds of evidenceSpectral being visited by an imageghostspiritTrial by test reciting the Lords prayer because if you had any imperfections then it proved you were connected with the devil
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