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Socl 3371 Notes on May 9th

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3371

Chapter 5Tuesday February 22 2011131 PM History of American policeSir Robert Poels Metro Police Act 1829 in England created londons metro police 1000 officers 4 REASONS1reduce tensionconflict bt police and public1use nonviolent means in keeping the peace1relieve military of certain duties1be judged on absence of crime rather than police visibility Colonial Times US mirrors English system led by citizens they acted as constablesnightwatchmen each county had own sheriff to oversee enforcement 19th CenturyBoston was first city to have police dept 1838NY had first modern police dept daynight shift w chief 1844 police were thought to be honest but was still based on a political system and not on skill POLITICAL ERA18401930Bribery and corruption within policeAKA patronage system or spoils system1929 wickersham committee focused on 2 areas of reformPolice brutalitypolitical corruption REFORM ERA19301980Increased professionalismAugust Vollmer father of modern policinghigher education in policingTechnology cars scientists investigate crimes 1st juvenile justice crime unitOW Wilson made professional model remove politics from police stressed emphasis on efficiency with the use of technology and bureaucracyHad Administrative ReformsChiefs in control not politiciansReorganized depts in cities able to supervise police officersCreated specialized unitsTechnology innovations radio fingerprinting cars toxicology forensics Turmoil in 1960s civil rights movementcivil unrestrace riots COMMUNITYU ERA1980Todayomnibus crime controlsafestreets actproactive efforts as opposed to traditional reactive approachesemphasis on good police community relationships neighborhood watch Responsibilities of Police1enforce laws crime fighters1provide servicesserve the community as dutytraffic directions first aid1prevent crimemost controversial impossible to prevent all crime1preserve the peacerelated to prevent crimedomestic disturbances street disorder LAW AGNECIES Municipal law agencies local policeHave broadest authority criminals public order communityWide spectrum of duties from murder to noise complaintsComplain under paid poorly trained to handle certain duties deal with traffic opposed to county sheriffs deal with court system and jail Sheriffscounty lawEvery county in US except Alaska has sheriffs elected officialsVary in size largest is 8600 employed smallest has 1 employeeInvestigate violent crime primary responsibilityInvestigate drug offensesMaintain county jail serve evictions court summons sequestering juries keep order in courthouse collect taxes Sate police Hwy Patrolmost visible in the stateAssist local agenciesInvestigate crimes that cross jurisdictional boundariesHelp rural areas wo local agenciesBreak strikescontrol labor movementsState police 23 agencies statewide jurisdiction wide variety of tasksHwy patrol 26 agencies patrol state and federal hwys traffic laws and accidents Limitedpurpose agenciesABC board Fishing and Game Warden Motor vehicle compliance
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