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11409Deviance violation of a social norm that elicits a negative reactionvary from minor to severe context is very important time and spaceSocial NormsGovern out social behaviorTell us what we are suppose to do and not suppose to doHelp us interact with each otherOften not aware of norms until they are violatedmakes uncomfortable Types of NormsFolkways often not directly told to dolies bathroom behavior elevator behaviorNorms vary over time and space culture to culture Mores morals more serious kinds of norms seen as right or wrong hold more dearlyStealing adultery homicidegoing to hell if they are violatedMany mores are formed into lawsHomicide vs murderchanges over time and space different cultures see murder in different context ex honor killing to protect a familys reputationTaboos type of more talking about them makes us uncomfortable dont even like thinking about it incest every culture has an incest taboo but the way incest is defines depends on the culturenorms are relativeSanctionsThings we do to get someone to do something ex award formal positive sanction smile informalpositive sanction spanking and fights informal negative sanction jail formal negative sanctionGet us to do what we are suppose to doHow society controls usDevianceRelativeSociety defines behavior as good or badMore than simply being differentSome different behaviors are common lieSome different behaviors are not deviantDeviants are people who have violated norms quite often formed a deviant identityDeviance can be harmful but it might not be cannot be defined as harm deviance cigarettes is defined by more than just harmGoffman 3 types of devianceBlemished of individual characterProstitution gambling drug use voluntary behaviorAbominations of the bodyPhysical disabilities obesity tattooing a lot of these cases are involuntary Tribal stigma of race nation religionCollective deviance you belong to a deviant groupAscriptivestatus born into this group11609Positivist TheoryConstructionist TheoryAbsolutismRelativismDeterminismVoluntarismObjectivismSubjectivismPositivistoAbsolutism deviance is real large implications if deviance is real it is different from conventional behavior then the people who have deviate behavior are differentfrom conventional people different characteristics explanations of their behaviorLombrozo believed that criminals has a different set of physical characteristics than conventional people included long arms slopping foreheads prominent jaw etcIf physical traits make us different we are born that way people are born criminals today IQ personality brain adnormalitiesLook how individual characteristics act with society much more of a society influenceoDeterminism to some extent our behavior is determined by social forcesPositivists understand free will but not everyone has the same choices to makePoker we can play out hand any way we choose but society deals the handWe dont perceive out choices in the same wayoObjectivism positivists approach the study of deviance in a very objective wayMethods chose more quantative sTrying to explain way differences existConstructionalist are very critical of this objectiveNot a lot of information about cases detached and removedConstructionalistoRelativism you need to keep that norms and deviance are relative behaviors are not inherently right wrong or good bad society defines them as right wrong deviant or notPenis example context mattersoVoluntarism free will people make choices given their circumstances they will choose their actionsWhy patterns in peoples behaviorPositivists have to acknowledge that people with the same circumstances may take 2 different pathsoSubjectivism you have to understand it from the actors point of view perspective deviants will often have very different definitions of what they have donemore specific more involved take to people not numbers why it is deviant Who benefits Very detailedEx GangsoPositivist police records and statistics ask students about gangs in school survey data los of gangsoConstructionalist make contact with gangs spend time with gangs write detailed book telling about 1 book lots of detailed dataPositivist TheoryoMertons Strain TheoryWriting in the 30s worried about crime and notices that crime was not evenly distributed wanted to explain why lower class has a higher crime and deviance than othersDepends on the crimes that you are looking at street crimes lower class white collar crime equal among classesLombrozo physical traits NOT like Merton Merton was getting away from physical traits and to look at society and society influenceMACRO Level TheorySuccess GoalsBlocked MeansStrainAnomieDevianceSuccess goals society has defined these the goals that we should be trying to achieve are evenly distributed through classes not a class difference not the only goal but important economic successBlocked goals society tells us the appropriate way to achieve the goals
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