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SOCL 3501

August 27 2013Deviance A violation of a social norm that elicits a negative reactionNorms Rules that govern our behavior They tell us what to do and what not to do Tell us what to expect from ourselves and othersRelative vary or change Norms are relative Deviance is relativeThe difference between deviance and crime is the law more deviance than crime Norms are formalized into law Types of normsFolkways Govern our daytoday life when violated we are aware Ex Elevator behaviorMores Rules and beliefs that are serious when violated we judge the violator as good or bad More likely to be formalized into lawEx Homicide the killing of a person by another person Homicide changes overtime varies state to state Taboos Very serious violations of norms that we dont want to talk about themEx Incest Every culture has some sort of incest However they are not all the same They are relative Ex Cannibalism movie Soccer team cannibals in plane crashAugust 29 2013What is DevianceLying View of Deviance Positivismhigh consensus highly agreed on as deviant or illegalAbsolutism Deviance is real If deviance is real then it is different from conventional behaviorObjectivism Studying something in an objective way Quantitative data sDeterminism Our behavior to some extent is determined by forces outside of the individual or society Constructionismlow consensus not agreed on as deviant or illegalRelativism Nothing is inherently good or bad Societies or groups have to define what is good bad right wrong SubjectivismContext Depending upon the context of the situation situations are not considered deviant Voluntarism Free will People act voluntarily
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