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Sociology Test 2Balance TheoryHow we strive for balance or consistencyIn relationshipsIn attitudesBetween attitudes and beliefsExample Jim and John are good friends Jim is also good friends with Kyle A balance theorist would believe that John and Kyle would become friends as well However if Kyle and John are not friends there is no balance and one would strive for balance Ways to achieve balance would be for Jim to no longer be friends with John or Kyle or to try and get the 2 to get alongOne can tell if a situation is balanced by multiplying the signs If there are 2 positives Jim and John and 1 negative Kyle then a situation is unbalanced and needs to be restored This is part of an idea called cognitive dissonanceWhen beliefs are clashingExample a conservative that believes in abortion and capital punishment How do you determine when it is ok to take lifeWe are much more likely to change our beliefs towards something than our attitudesPower ability to get someone else to do what you want them to do whether they want to or notHow to go about it3 sources1 use of force2 control over resourcesTangible or intangible Special knowledge or skills status 3 control over peopleEx The President Control over people brings up the idea of authority which is the legitimation of power or the right to exercise power over someone Types of authorityTraditional Authority long standing ways of doing things monarchy Tradition is always open to challengeCharismatic Authority based on exceptional personal characteristics of leader MLK Jr Ghandi When a charismatic leader is gone then so is the movement most of the timeRational legal authority based on formal legal documents There are rules and limitsExpert authority based on specialized knowledge or skills that most people dont haveA person can have more than one type of authorityTypes can be transferred Ex Jesus was charismatic Apostles were expert knowledge Churches were traditional Cannon Law became rational legalIf a group primarily uses force for power then they usually arent very upstanding
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