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Socl 3601 Final Exam Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

Sociology 3601 Sociology of InteractionFinal Exam Study GuideJoseph PleckMens power with women other men and societyJoseph Plecks article Patriarch definitionthe male head of a family or tribePatriarchy definitiona social system in which males are the primary authority figures central to social organization occupying roles of political leadership moral authority and control of property and where fathers hold authority over women and childrenFour different things that women can provide men but not themselves1Emotional expression and social lubricationaCertain emotions men are reluctant to expressbWomen tend to be social mediators when mens competiveness turns into conflict2Validation of masculinityprovide and protect it3Refuge and safe havenaProvide safe haven from outside worldbLend sympathetic ear when come home from work4Serving as underclassaAs long as women hold a secondary level even the lowest status man is above themClose RelationshipsFactors of friend formation1Homophilyfriendships tend to be with people who are the same age ethnicity social class2Physical proximity3Foci of activitycome together around common interestsWomen maintain their same sex friendships through self disclosure ie talking about things sharing their feelings talking about their relationships and other peoples relationships and men maintain theirs through shared activities Most friendships tend to be with the same sex for two reasons1Hidden AgendaAnn Landers describes love as friendships caught on fire but what if one person wants to move the friendship to another level and the other doesnt The friendship will never be the same With friendships of the opposite sex there is always potential to be more2Two Cultures Theorymen and women are brought up in two different cultures and are taught to view the world in different waysRomantic RelationshipsPhysical attractiveness is one of the first things that attracts us to another personPeople tend to marry others at the same level of attractiveness and the relationship between people of equal attractiveness tend to last longer than if there was a disparityGender markers definitionthe way we decorate ourselves to tell others that we are male or female makeup facial hair etc
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