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Socl 4091Final Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 4091

Socl 4091 Final Exam Review1Merton believed that society has certain goals and aspirations and society had defined methods of achieving these goals like obeying laws getting an education and working hardThe goals must be able to be achievable by all social classes in order for a balance to be maintainedIf the goals are not equally achievable through an accepted mode then illegitimate means might be used to achieve the same goalMore emphasis is on the goals and not how to achieve it and this can lead people to turn to crime in order to achieve these goalsThe typology of the adaptations consists of conformity innovation ritualism retreatists and rebellionConformity means that people use positive means to achieve positive goalsInnovation is using negative means to achieve positive goalsRitualism is using positive means but achieving negative goalsRetreatists use negative means and achieve negative goalsRebellion is when people form new means to achieve new goals2Routine activity theory says that crime is normal and depends on the opportunities available If a target is not protected enough and if the reward is worth it crime will happen Crime does not need hardened offenders superpredators convicted felons or wicked people Crime just needs an opportunityAnother premise is that crime is relatively unaffected by social causes such as poverty inequality unemploymentThere is much more to stealSuitable Target The first condition for crime is that a suitable target must be available The word target has been chosen carefully rather than other
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