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Chapter 3 The Gordian Knot of Race Class and Gender3 DimensionsRace Class GenderExampleUS cultural emphasis has been on the equal standing of all members of our societyAmericans are usually reluctant to use any words about class besides the vague and allencompassing allusions to being middle classWe may be sensitive to personal biasHowever most people overlook the way the entire structure of our social system shapes our opportunitiesKey theme of sociologyWho we become is a result of a complex interplay between individual characteristics and our place in societyOur place determines which of our characteristics are encouraged rewarded and constrainedSociological imaginationOur ability to connect our personal biographies to the broader sweep of history and society and to see the connections between personal troubles and social conditionsNot blaming the individual entirely or society entirelyIntersections of Race Class and Gender in the USExampleRobeson CountyCourthouse lists veterans in hierarchy whites then Lumbee Indians then African AmericansMarxEngelsContended that the first class division came along lines of gender and age as men began to treat women and children as possessionsBiting critiques of the middle class bourgeoisieObservations on how capitalists could use racial divisions to keep members of the working class dividedespecially in the United StatesRace and gender are in the background ofMarxs analysisMax Weber3 part divisionclass status prestige and party political powerInterested in the organization of privilege and duty between men and women within the householdParticularly cultural and religious differencesRace and gender also in the background of his analysisAnalyzingRacea social statusRacial identitycategory can confer special prestige or respect within a community and may confer particular stigmadisadvantage in a hostile communityGendera particular form of legalsocial statusMay confer privileges or barriers in addition to those of classAgeMay command respect or contempt depending on contextEthnic heritageSource of pride or something to be hiddenRace and Gender are closely bound in the struggle for powerChallenge of Gordian KnotNot to disentangleBut to understand more fully the interactions of subordinate positions and inclusion and exclusion that shape our social structureThe Development of InequalityHunting and Gathering Societies10000 years agoBands of about 50
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