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Unit1SocialCausationofHealthDiseaseJanuary212014What causes healthCockerham states that the public widely recognizes that social factors influence healthSocial factors that influence healthExamplesoPovertyoLow socioeconomic status SESoUnhealthy lifestyleoUnpleasant living and work conditionsoStress stressful relationships or timesSocial conditions can have a direct causal influence onoExposure oSusceptibilityoDisease courseoutcomeExposurediseases dont just happen to you out of nowhere you must be exposed to themoEx smokingHabitually smoking regularly causes premature deathOn average in the United StatesMale smoker loses 13 years of life on averageFemale smoker loses 14years of life on averageSmoking causes lung cancer heart disease diabetes colorectal cancer liver caners erectile dysfunction ectopic pregnancy vision loss tuberculosis rheumatoid arthritis impaired immune function cleft palatesDeclines1965 43 of adults in the US were smokers 2012 18Decline has slowed in recent yearsCannot cause disease by itselfIntroduced by others peers its learnedInstructed by othersMotivated by social acceptance from othersHughes 2003 Learning to Smoke5 Stages of smoking1Becoming a smokeraInitially a social experiencebLearn techniquescLearn to recognize effect of nicotine on emotionsdDo not smoke alone yet2Continued Smoking
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