GLG 112 Final: Stream Characteristics

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Northern Arizona University
GLG 112
Coleen Cassidy

Stream Characteristics Where does a stream get its water? • Precipitation, runoff, ground water A tributary is: • Flows into a larger river Perennial flows all year because: • Groundwater is feeding into the stream from below Channel: • Channel bed: bottom of the channel • Banks: sides of the channel just above the waterline • Floodplain: the flat area adjacent to a channel that is periodically flooded • Levee: slightly raised land on either side of the channel created by overbank deposits Where is the gradient of the stream the greatest? • Near the headwaters (change in elevation) Velocity: • The distance the water travels in a given amount of time o Varies greatly from stream to stream o Affects streams ability to erode, transport, and deposits Discharge: • The volume of water passing a given point on the stream bank per unit of time o Smaller the stream, the faster it must move Factors controlling discharge: • Climate (rain, snow, etc) • Tributaries • Size of the drainage basin • Remov
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