COMM 1100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Cognitive Theory, Content Analysis, Bodymind

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Osu comm 1100: communication in society: exam 1 study guide. Common sense/folk wisdom something is true because it is widely known or. The tendency, after an event has happened, to overestimate one"s ability to have. Problems for students: material seems easy/obvious; but come the exam, foreseen the outcome the material seems surprisingly difficult don"t fall into this trap! Revelation/inspiration an act of communicating/revealing divine truth ; something that is revealed by god. Authority truth is established by a trusted source (i. e. god, government, tradition, public sanction. Problems: experts are rarely questioned; they don"t always have the expertise they claim to have/we think they have. Symbols of authority are easy to counterfeit (badges, degrees, etc) Blind allegiance only has negative effects; can result in incorrect beliefs. Authorities often have various interests to protect (i. e. financial profit) Not a (great) reliable source of knowledge! Logic & reason=rationalism logic is the basis of reason; ability to draw inferences from premises/reason.

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