Chapter 6 Exam Study Guide

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Biobehavioral Health
BB H 315

Chapter 6 Exam Study GuideMemoryMemoryProcess or processes of storing newly acquired information for later recall Recall for a specific experience or the total collection of remembered experiences stored in our brainsEncodingIn memory the process of perceiving information then categorizing or organizing it in a meaningful way so that it can be more easily stored and recalledStorageProcess by which encoded material is retained over time in memoryRetrievalProcess by which information stored in memory is accessedSensory memoryFirst system in the threesystem model of memory in which brief impressions disappearing within a few seconds if they are not transferred to shortterm memoryShortterm memory STMImmediate recollection of stimuli that have just been perceived and also called working memory Unless it is transferred to longterm memory information is this memory system is usually retained only momentarilyLongterm memory LTMInformation transferred from shortterm to longterm memory may be stored for periods of time from minutes to years perhaps even indefinitelyIconic memoryVisual sensory memory including fleeting impressions of that we see and also known as visual memoryWhole report procedurePartial report procedureEchoic memoryAuditory sensory memory including fleeting impressions of what we hear and also known as auditory memoryShortterm or Working MemoryDefinitionAn intermediate memory process sandwiched between sensory memory and longterm memory
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