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Biobehavioral Health
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Final Exam GuideChapter 151 Research conducted for the purpose of verifying previous experimental findings is called Replication2 A Research method in which a representative group of people are questioned about their behaviors or attitudes is calledA survey3 When researchers want to be sure that known subgroups of the population are represented proportionally in the research asample is usedRepresentative4 The study quoted in the text by Loftus indicating the different estimates of number of headaches per week is an example of which limitation of survey researchBias in the design of the questions5 A method of scientific investigation that studies the relationships between variables is called Correlational6 As a person ages his or her physical strength declines The relationship between strength and age will show acoefficient of correlationNegative7 The major advantage of the experimental method is that it Allows the researcher control of the conditions8 Why does the experimental research method use the experimentalcontrol group set up To provide a source of comparison9 If you add up all the scores and divide by the number of scores the result is the Mean10 We as researchers must specify precisely what we mean by terms we use This specific precision is known asAn operational definition11 A thorough investigation of a suicide victims past and state of mind is called a psychological postmortem The research method he or she would use would beA case study12 A positive correlation indicates that the variables vary together in the Same direction13 A telephone survey of voters of the 1936 presidential election was not a true random sample becauseOnly higher socioeconomic status Americans had telephones14 Theis an imperfect measure of variability because it is influenced by extreme scores Range15 Who decides whether the benefits of a potential research study outweigh the possibility of harm to the subjectsAn institutional ethics committee16 The interview has the advantage over the questionnaire because the interview is More flexible17 A negative correlation indicates that the variables vary together in the Opposite direction18 A research method which consists of manipulating some environmental event in order to observe the effects of the manipulation on the behavior of the subjects under controlled conditions is called aanExperiment19 A researcher is interested in testing how cohabitation and martial stability are related What type of research method should be usedA correlational study20 Which of the following is a limitation of the experimental methodIt is not always possible for the researcher to manipulate the variable of interest21 Why is it inappropriate to discuss casualties from a correlational study Because of the lack of precise control over factors that may influence behavior22 Which of the research studies below is an example of research for the purpose of solving a problemA A researcher predicts that there is a relationship between coming to class on Friday and good gradesB A researcher is interested in how coming to class on Friday could be related to good grades C A researcher conducts the same study at a new college to see if the results differD None of the aboveAnswer None of the above23 It is difficult if not impossible to generalize from case studies becauseProper sampling is rarely if ever used24 If an experiment varies the loudness of music in a factory to observe its effect upon the rate of productivity the dependent variable is theRate of productivity25 Case study research has the advantage ofUsing many different methods to gather the information26 The median is theScore beneath which 50 percent of the scores fall27 You have a hunch or an educated guess that vitamin C enhances IQ and you intend to research it Your hunch is calledA hypothesis28 An observer records frustration as the reason for a childs inactivity when the child was actually just thinking of what to do This is an example ofObserver bias29 Aangroup is a group of subjects who experience all the same conditions as do subjects in the experimental group except for the key factor the researcher is
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